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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  February 27, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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jewish schools in the area and around the country. michelle: authorities say bomb threats were phoned into locations in montgomery and fairfax county. alison: in all threats were made today against jewish schools and community centers in 11 states. abc7's stephen tschida live in rockville with the latest. stephen? stephen: right now the f.b.i. is trying track down just who made these phone calls. this is what we can tell you. after 9:00 this morning at the gesher jewish day school gerb in fairfax, a call came in. moments later, another call came here at the charles e. smith jewish day school in rockville. we have video of the schools taken earlier in the day. gesher in fairfax and here at the charles e. smith school. what we learned is the call here at charles e. smith was automated. it was a recorded phone call. basically a bomb threat. over in fairfax they evacuated at gesher. at charles e. smith they are in class while police checked out the situations
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nothing was discovered. this is the head of schools at charles e. smith said about what they experienced this morning. >> we received the automated phone call at the upper school campus this morning saying there was a bomb on campus. saying that jewish souls would be destroyed. stephen: the rabbi saying to me this is very troubling given the political situation in the country. something to underscore here, as far as trying to track down who made the calls a year and a half ago, i did stories someone claiming to be from isis and threatening restaurants in d.c. it proved difficult for the f.b.i. to track down the calls because they went through a server in phoenix. it can be very hard to find out just who is
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rockville. we will be back next hour with more on this situation and other similar situations under the country. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. new information tonight in the murder of a promising local rapper. police found two of the men connected to the crime but the search is not over for others of yet. maryland bureau chief brad bell is in palmer park for us tonight with the latest. brad? brad: this was a tough case for detectives. they have been working it for months and today they announced a breakthrough. you talk about the promising young rapper. when i tweeted out news of the arrest, the response to my tweet has been overwhelming. this guy had a lot of support. our own julie wright introduced swipey to the "good morning washington" audience last june. by then the 18-year-old up-and-coming rapper was well known to his growing legion of fans. among t
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>> he performed and put on a great stow. he stayed and shook every kid's hand and took every picture. that touched my heart. brad: his real anytime was douglas brooks. he was gunned down outside a party at a family member's apartment in suitland last august. his aunt and mother crushed. >> if you knew him, you knew who he was. he was friendly, a superhero. >> he was humble. >> one thing he wanted to do is take care of his family. >> i love him so much. brad: at the time the police only knew three men were seen running away. they got two big breaks. a man was linked to the crime scene by the court-ordered ankle bracelet and then 18-year-old deshawn watkins of southeast d.c. was arrested while carrying a gun later linked to swipey's murder outside the party. they were arrested and charged with murder over the weekend. >> we believe
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gentlemen were on the scene there to rob this party. brad: so the detectives here at police headquarters believe this was to be a robbery. they don't think an actual robbery happened. in in addition, as we said there were five men seen running from the scene. they made two arrests now. police say there are three people still out there on the loose that they believe are connected with this murder. they are asking for the public's help to identify them. brad bell, abc7 news. y'all have you seen this girl -- alison: have you seen this girl walking here? new video surfaced of a teenager missing in montgomery county. her disappearance comes two weeks after her 15-year-old cousin was found murdered. abc7's richard reeve live in gaithersburg. what are you hearing about this? richard: we just got word and spoke to family members a short
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been found safe and alive. she is with an uncle in new jersey. this area right here was the focus of surveillance video. you can see the camera up there. want to show you the video. this was the last time the young woman was seen, angelica barahona-rivas. she was seen in public. she abruptly left her job at the wok express after 9:00 saturday night. she told her boss she would be right back but she simply left. but the family was frantic. they heard nothing. two weeks ago, as you just mentioned, barahona-rivas' cousin damaris rivas was found slain in a park in springfield, virginia. police have arrested five people including three juveniles connected to the case, believed to be gang-related. barahona-rivas' uncle agreed to speak with us on the condition he is not identified. >> she called and said she was
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she just left the house because she was scared. yeah, she said she is okay. richard: you can imagine how terrified that family was with the death of the 15-year-old girl. now police are trying to officially confirm that the girl is safe and alive. they want an officer to go to the residence in new jersey and confirm it's indeed her. in gaithersburg, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you. the uncle of a 9-year-old maryland boy beat on the death or a missing piece of birthday cake has been sentenced to ten years in prison. jacob barajas apologized at today's hearing in hagerstown for his role in the murder of oriana jack garcia. barajas handcuffed the boy to the chair and watched the mother's boyfriend robert wilson repeatedly hit him. wilson serving 30 years for the crime was angry th
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garcia took a piece of birthday cake. jonathan: the clean-up continues in charles county after a tornado touched down this week. look at the damage. the national weather service confirms it hit near la plata and waldorf. this is some of the damage. the tornado knocked down trees, power lines, damaging some roofs. fortunately in all of this, nobody was hurt. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill in the weather center for us. doug, february tornadoes, is that rare? doug: pretty much. since 1950, this is only the fourth february tornado in maryland recorded in the area. it happens but not often. this is the way the storm looked 25 minutes after it dropped the tornado in charles county, northeast of la plata. it moved northeast to calvert county. you can see the roll cloud ahead of it. a scary storm. let's get to radar. we can go back to replay the radar we recorded in this time. so between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. saturday afternoon we were under a severe thunderstorm watch in the area. the storms started rolling out of east central virginia. they started to really pick up speed.
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potomac river. it's not unusual to see that. one particular area just to the area near la plata and just to the northeast started to show actual rotation. can pick it up on doppler radar. hail preceded it. lightning and the system moved. on the ground for 11 miles. ef1 tornado. top winds at 90 miles per hour. i started at 3:13 in the afternoon. there were reports of sheer. but it came and went. no injuries reported with the system. we may have another gro-around of severe weather on wednesday. alison? alison: thank you, doug. we have breaking news involving the takata air bag scandal to tell you about. the japanese auto parts maker just pleaded guilty to fraud. now takata, of course, is accused of hiding this huge problem with air bag inflators. we'll have more on this breaking newsability to at "abc7 news at 5:00". michelle: tomorrow night will be a first for the new
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the meeting with the nation's governors. president trump previewed speech. among the topics highlighted the proposed budget request. stephanie ramos is live for us tonight with the preview. stephanie? >> you got it. president trump will address congress for the first time tomorrow. it's a scene many did not expect this time last year. but today the president hinted at a few of the topics he will talk about. governors from across the country to the white house after president trump's first social event as commander-in-chief. trump the -- president trump: we were happy to host you. >> tonight he is talking obamacare and talking about a landmark event. president trump: a message to the world in the dangerous times of american strength, security and resolve. the president touching on a range of topics from immigration to the first budget proposal, which goes to congress next month. president trump: this budget will be a public safety
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national security budget. very much based on those two with plenty of other things but very strong. stephanie: the budget includes a massive $54 billion in defense spending and cuts to e.p.a., also foreign aid and domestic programs. president trump: this will be offset and paid for by finding greater savings and efficiencies across the federal government. we are going to do more with less. stephanie: at the white house, health insurance company c.e.o.'s. trump holding a meeting saying the affordable care act is a failure. president trump: we must work together to save americans from obamacare. everyone knows that at this point. stephanie: he says he wants to work on a transition to a new plan. today, the pentagon is set to hand over a plan to the white house with details on how to defeat isis. the pentagon says it is designed to speed up the right against isis. around the world. not just in iraq and syria. in
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abc7 news. michelle: join us for a town hall meeting about the first 100 days. that begins on our sister station newschannel8. jonathan: coming up next for us, when o.j. simpson might be getting out of prison. alison: also next, a trader joe's recall you need to know about. michelle: and one of the biggest mixups ever. >> there is a mistake. "moonlight," you won best picture. "moonlight" won. this is not a joke. this is not a joke. michelle: no, it was the real deal and awkward. next at 4:00, the explanation for the mistake and the social media f
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there is a mistake. "moonlight" won best picture. >> "moonlight" won. this is not a joke. >> this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> this is not a joke. "moonlight" has won best picture. "moonlight." jonathan: yeah, if you didn't stay up until 3:00 in the morning with us it was a huge oops at the oscar. it doesn't get bigger. michelle: it doesn't. that was the biggest award of the night. today everyone is asking what went wrong when the winner of best picture was announced? alison: everybody is talking about this today. abc7's amy aubert has been following the fall-out today. hey, amy.
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mix-up. so today it is taking social media by storm. let's take a look at exactly what happened. >> the academy award -- >> a pause. >> for best picture -- amy: that felt like an eternity. >> c'mon. >> "la la land." amy: an announcement gone wrong. >> i'm sorry. no. there is a mistake. amy: today, they released this statement -- they had been given the wrong category envelope and when discovered it was corrected. not long after "la la land" producers accepting the award confusion on stage. >> "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> jordan horowitz a producer for "la la land" announcing the mix-up. >> the "moonlight" team in tears.
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right thing was done. it was not about me. it was about that "moonlight" got the recognition it deserves. >> warren beatty and faye dunaway given the wrong envelope. >> i want to tell you what happened. i opened the envelope. and it said, "emma stone, la la land." that's why i took such a long look at faye and at you. i wasn't trying to be funny. amy: jimmy kimmel got on stage and tried to make light of the situation. it had people laughing for a little bit. an awkward situation. jonathan: the biggest heartbreak in all of this is the folks of "moonlight." you ruined the opportunity for them to walk up and hug each other and give a speech. amy: that is mare moment. >> i don't even remember what they said. you are thinking what just happened? michelle: not to mention all the people of "la la land" who thought they were having their moment. they waited their whole careers for this. amy: then they have to step to the side. michel
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company. >> he went down on the knees and said, "thank you so much. you answered my prayers." thank you. michelle: the big mistake is the talk of social media. lindsey mastis is in our newsroom with how it is playing out online. i know i couldn't get off twitter last night. i couldn't believe what was unfolding before us. lindsey: absolutely. you mention steve harvey. we have to start with him. he tweeted out, "call me warren beatty. i can help you get through this." the same with miss universe, have your people call our people. they know what to do. they had to go through it before. on social media a lot of people are giving credit to the producer of "la la land" for how he handledded the situation -- handled the situation. they said wow! i'm slipping slowly in perspective and much respect to that dude. he is not the only one. others said --
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saying the producer is the truth-teller we need right now. when it comes to jordan horowitz, he is giving congratulations to the team of "moonlight." back to you. jonathan: just such a classy individual the way he handled it. there was frustration. you can understand it. you said it best. steve harvey had an embarrassing gaffe, nothing compares to what happened last night because of the eyeballs. michelle: it affected so many more people. the whole cast on stage. several people had given acceptance speeches at this point. alison: it was crazy. jonathan: if somebody says don't turn the tv off until the game is over. we learned that in the super bowl. don't turn the tv off. don't do it with the oscars anymore. never leave your tv early. wait until the end. alison: we were waiting to do the newscast after the show. jonathan and i were stunned. our mouths were hanging open. michelle: the year of upsets. jonathan: moving on. up until the end, a lot of the buzz about
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nothing to do with who won or lost an oscar. michelle: there is one of my favorite moments. a lot of folks couldn't talk about the unsuspecting tourist from chicago who walked into an amazing scene. >> you're from chicago? >> yes, sir. [laughter] alison: this is gary cole, or #garyfromchicago as twitter is calling him now. enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. he was on a sightseeing trip when he and the rest of the group were led into the dolby theater as a surprise in the oscars. that was so funny. when denzel washington came up. they are engaged and he pretended to marry them. the sports teams like the bulls and the bears offered them tickets and gifts. they almost seemed unfazed by it. they just soaked it in. jonathan: i think jimmy kimmel
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the best part of this gimmick here with all the folks, that is one of the tour buss that go around and they tell them on the bus. keep your eye open. you might see a star or two on the trip and then they walk in an opportunity with nothing but stars. alison: jennifer aniston gave her, her sunglasses. michelle: gary would not put down the purple phone. he wanted to make sure it was captured. it was televised, he couldn't put it down. star struck. jonathan: gosling got up and introduced his wife. meryl streep is giving hugs to the folks. good moment. turn our attention to traffic. no stars, just brake lights. erik smith has the details. erik: it is a tough ride today. 95 southbound on the southbound ride past fairfax county parkway. plenty of volume through the occoquan. 395 northbound across the north street bridge isn't bad. volume coming
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the capital beltway is a different story. there is plenty of volume here. inner loop past george washington parkway. there is plenty of volume in place on the legion bridge. that is all from the traffic center now. back to you. jonathan: thanks. >> temperatures dropped like a rock this weekend. alison: a big change over the weekend. doug is here to tell us what is next. doug: all season long, the temperatures will drop for a day or so and then they bounce back up. on the way back up. 55 at the reagan national airport, even without sunshine. warmer tomorrow and warmer for the day on wednesday. we have had showers on radar. the air is very dry. some of this is not reaching the ground. there are spots for the showers. we will mention the isolated shower in the forecast. cloudy skies tonight. the same deal tomorrow. maybe a touch of sunshine briefly. it will turn out to be a cloudy day. it will be warmer in the mid-to-upper 60's tomorrow as a warm front comes in. you may see a better chance of showers tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. the bi
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cold front advancing here for the day on wednesday. we will hit the mid-to-upper 70's on wednesday. there is a possibility we could see in the afternoon between 3:00 and 11:00, showers and thunderstorms. some could be severe before it turns cooler again. stay with us. "abc7 news at
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parking prices in certain part of the district are changing. some will pay more and some will pay less. it just depends on the time you park. sounds confusing? sam sweeney straightens it out. sam: surge pricing for parking is coming to downtown washington. we are talking about when parking is in demand, prices will be higher. in offpeak periods, prices are lower. this is one of the parking meters affected in the shadow of the verizon center. ddot tell us they are trying to make parking in downtown washington easier for everyone. so they say the streets from third street to 11th street and e to h will be affected. it's more than a thousand parking spaces. they feel if parking is more expensive less people will park and stay for shorter amounts of time. meaning less driving around and waiting for everybody else. depending where you park, the price will be different. rates will be set for each hour based on past history. the city will re-evaluate rates every three months. we set out on the streets
4:26 pm
>> that is reasonable. that's okay. we helped the city and it will probably help the system going. >> it will be harder to attract people to come down here if the rates are going to be higher. that makes common sense. >> only time will tell if the -- to see if the program is success. right now what are the rates? the lowest is $1.50 an hour. the most expensive as of right now is $3.25 an hour. reporting in northwest washington, i'm sam sweeney. back to you in the studio. michelle: a legal defeat for bill cosby as he returned to court to deal with sex assault charges against him. what a judge ruled today. >> she fatally drugged her son. today was her day of reckoning. i'm kevin lewis in rockville.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: a maryland woman admitted she poisoned her 5-year-old son killing him in an act of revenge against her estranged husband. michelle: in the last hour the judge handed down a stiff sentence. kevin lewis has the woman's punishment. kevin? kevin: well, this is just an
4:30 pm
the judge sentencing her to 50 years in prison. if she is ever released, if she survives the sentence she will have to restrain from ever having contact with anyone under the age of 18. this is why. >> ♪ happy birthday to you kevin: her son daniel's innocence captured here in his 5th birthday party at a local chuck e. cheese. less than a year later in june 2015, she fatally force fed her son medicine. the 35-year-old purchased one gallon water jugs and filled them with gasoline. she intentionally crashed her car in gaithersburg using a lighter to ignite the vehicle. daniel's lifeless drugged body was discovered strewn in the backseat of the car beside his spiderman
4:31 pm
in court she told the judge, "please forgive me. i hope for mercy from you." but there was no mercy shown. the judge citing a lack of remorse and calling her evil. she said the motive was misguided retaliation against her exstranged husband she was -- estranged husband that she was set to divorce the next day. >> the facts of the case are almost too horrific to comprehend that the young child was force fed medication to the point of death leaving bruises oshouston face and mouth as -- bruises on his face and mouth as he was force federal medication leading to a coma and his death. kevin: the judge also pointed out the mother did not shed a single tear in court. she walked out of the courtroom stoic
4:32 pm
of prison ahead of her. live in rockville, kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: tough to hear that one. the trial of the man accused of killing the lions sister 40 years ago is pushed back. lloyd welch will now go to trial september 12. he is accused of abducting the sisters and their bodies has never been found. michelle: the pentagon sent the white house options for accelerating the fight against isis. they are given them 30 days to come one a new plan. it includes military, diplomatic and financial measures. members of the trump administration were expected to meet this afternoon to discuss the options. the father of a navy seal killed in yemen last month is calling for an investigation in the son's death. chief petty officer william ryan owens died in an intelligence-gathering raid. his father bill owens
4:33 pm
the trump administration in "miami herald" story. the white house insisted the raid was a success. jonathan: covering news around the nation now. another jewish cemetery has been vandalized, this one in philadelphia. more than a hundred gravestones at mount carmel knocked off. this is after 20 o were damaged at a jewish cemetery outside of st. louis, missouri. >> this response shows the power from minorities from the jewish people, the muslim, african-american communities is strong. this love is stronger than any form of hatred and when we come together, we are stronger together. jonathan: there is a $10,000 reward offered for information leading to an arrest. michelle: doug is back with the up and down temperatures. this map is deceiving here. doug: you look and say we have a lot of rain coming in. but there is very little. the air is dry and cloudy. we have a be
4:34 pm
wednesday. cloudy skies and the warm front is headed our way. the warm front will keep us in the clouds. the future cast, tomorrow in the evening, a good line of showers are moving in. that is a good bet. the bigger story lies to the northwest where a strong cold front will come to play on wednesday. let's set the stage. by wednesday we will have had full 48, 60 hours of steady southerly winds bringing in warm air. we will hit the mid-to-upper 70's on wednesday. ahead of the front there are showers and storms and potential for severe weather in part of the region through the late afternoon and the early everything hours on wednesday followed by a cooldown two the end of the week. the storm prediction center has us in a slight risk of severe weather for the day on wednesday. this will be updated tomorrow. the possibility to keep in close touch with us. use the app. download. keep y
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even though the severe weather in february is rare, we saw what happened in charles county on saturday. we want to stay all over this. so the extended outlook. temperatures climb up. 68 tomorrow. 78 on wednesday. 80% chance of showers and thunderstorms. cooling down on thursday and friday. warming up on monday. turning cooler as we head to the middle and end of next week. jonathan, michelle? michelle: thank you. the district of columbia boasts some of the most spectacular sites and beautiful neighborhoods in the country. many of the historic homes are just as dazzling now as they were when they were first built more than 100 years ago. jonathan: no question. tonight abc is beginning a special series about the gay rights movement. we look at the role they have played to help shape d.c.
4:36 pm
epicenter for gay life in d.c. >> it's open minded. there is a lot of love here. >> most of the block was burned out shell. >> jim bought a shell of a house on tenth street northwest in 1987. >> a lot of drugs and prostitution in the area. >> brad smith joined him in the quest to redo the house and it became a lifetime commitment to jim and d.c. >> i felt that i wouldn't have to live in the closet so much being in washington. >> gay men continue to pour into the city resurrecting old buildings. even as the aids epidemic ravaged the community. >> people felt empowered here. the city responded immediately. though there was a great period of devastation and sorrow there was also a lot of
4:37 pm
uplifting. >> they had rats. >> the realtor betty spent years selling the houses to gay men and women. >> they were willing to take chances on places straight people wouldn't go. >> another construction site continues today. we talked to a contractor that says the bulk of the business in transitional neighborhoods is driven by gay men. >> when they come in, the taxes are increasing. property taxes are doubling. >> they instilled life in dying communities. >> in my mind they saved the neighborhoods. >> the city gave back, providing gay men and women a livelihood community. and for many, a place to call home, be themselves. just maybe, fall in love and find a
4:38 pm
>> and we have each other. >> happily so. for almost 30 years. >> stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> the wait is the hardest part. the latest on a giraffe at a new york city zoo about to go into labor. a live look at the live stream. many eyeballs clued to for days. >> coming up for us, could o.j. simpson turn be turned loose? why he may get a break i
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michelle: breaking news in silver spring. about 50 firefighters are helping to put out a fire in a coffee shop there. you see a couple of firefighters on the roof. it looks like the flames are out at this point. the firefighters have it under control. however, this is in downtown silver spring. so there is a bunch of traffic delays in that area. so if you can avoid downtown silver spring, you might want to do that this evening. all right. well, this has been five days now. the world still has the eyes glued to the live feed. they are keeping an eye on this giraffe because any day now she will deliver. jonathan: that is not lunch in her belly. that is a baby. live stream shows april, the giraffe in labor. the feed initially was shut down after some animal rights activists fag
4:42 pm
as sexually explicit. seriously. that's what they did. this is sexually explicit. not so much. the video feed is back up and running now. it's been watched by over 36,000 people. she is getting ready to deliver a little baby. bring a baby giraffe into the world. we'll let you know when it happens. michelle: you think they would embrace it. eck posing you to -- exposing you to something you don't normally see. >> it's nature. stopping! a houston teen has a story to tell his friends. amazing he lived to tell about it. >> the young driver drove the car off the garage crashing through the roof of a floor below. the driver hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. when firefighters arrived the drive had climbed out and made his way inside that store. >> there is an area that is a truss loft. he climbed through there to the show room area. >> he had blood on him. terry said he was
4:43 pm
the general manager. >> sheet rock. part of the wall. >> yeah. michelle: when you look at that car, it is amazing he was able to walk out of the situation alive. the car is a mess but he is okay. he was taken to the hospital for cuts and bruises. fortunate. >> he walks out says something for me today. just driving through. it's the left side. that is the brake. the big one. the little skinny one is a gas. he had a 50/50 shot and he messed that up. poor guy. michelle: yeah. a new home for d.c. united. a live report on what it means for the team and the city
4:44 pm
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4:46 pm
jonathan: do you remember this woman? rachel dolezal. she resigned from the naacp in washington after falsely presenting herself as black and she was white. she is jobless now and she may be homeless soon. she told "the guardian" no one will hire her and she is on food stamp. she said the only work she has been offered is in reality tv and pornography. michelle: could o.j. simpson be a free man by the end of the year? he may have to serve less than
4:47 pm
to for robbery and kidnapping. q mccray is at the "live desk" with the details. q: even in jail, o.j. simpson continues to make headlines. of course, last night, the d.c. born director won oscar for the documentary about o.j.'s life. now this, we found out a parole board hearing scheduled for the week beginning july 3, which is six days before o.j.'s 70th birthday is expected to recommend his release on good behavior. they are confident that the board will release him on october 3. it will be nine day to the years after he was sentenced to 33 years for a string of charges including armed robbery and kidnapping. that is the latest information in the newsroom. we will keep you posted with new details as we get them. that is the latest from the "live desk." i'm q mccray. abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. bill cosby returning to a pennsylvania court today. cosby not granted the change of venue he was hoping
4:48 pm
this is a june trial for the sexual assault coming up. jurors will come from another pennsylvania county to hear it. they will find jurors from another area. he is accused of assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand in 2004. she is one of dozens of women who accused cosby of sexual misconduct. "7 on your side" consumer alert now. trader joe's issuing a recall for two of the brands unsweetened apple sauce for the region in our area. the first crush unsweetened gravenstein apple sauce and organic unsweetened apple sauce. the two jars on the screen, look at those carefully. trader joe's says there may be small pieces of glass that might be in the container so immediately do not use them. take them back to the store. michelle: should a registered sex offender be banned from using facebook? north carolina says yes. today, the supreme court heard arguments about whether that
4:49 pm
amendment. the case involves lester packingham who was convicted in 2002 of sex criming involving a minor. in 2010, he was convicted of a felony for posting he made on facebook about a parking ticket he received. north carolina law bars sex offender from social media site which can be accessed by children under the age of 18. jonathan: this is thedy d.c. united has been waiting a long time for. this afternoon the team broke ground on a new home, audi field. erin hawksworth is live in southwest now with more on the beautiful stadium. erin? erin: it will be incredible, jonathan. can you believe it? 21 years in the making. we were finally here for the groundbreaking of audi field. audi field is expected to be finished by next spring. this thing will go up fast. nearly 300 people attended groundbreaking ceremony today. audi field will be just about three blocks away from nationals
4:50 pm
d.c. mayor muriel bowser along with the mls commissioner, audi president ben olson and the d.c. united players were all on hand to celebrate the exciting moment for the most decorated franchise in u.s. soccer history. >> it's very exciting. very exciting for the city. it's something i always wanted to be part of. r.f.k. stadium has done the due diligence. it has held strong for us. you know, when this is finished, when this project is finished it will be something that is massive and great in washington, d.c. i can't wait. i would love to be part of it. >> you can see the dirt moving a little bit. to have this here today, to have the commissioner and the owners and the mayor here. there is no turning back. we are very, very excited. it has been a long time coming. i'm most happy for our fans who for almost 20 years have been coming to r.f.k. and supporting us. now they will have a home to call
4:51 pm
erin: now the audi president joked every player is going to get one of the rav10's. i don't know if he is serious but everyone laughed. i would say that would be a pretty nice perk, guys. coming up next hour you will hear from some of the players and ben olsen as they talk about how exciting the new stadium is. but it's a sad because r.f.k. means so much to them. we have the story at 5:50. michelle: that is a good look for you. we like it. jonathan: weather situation, saturday morning is 72 degrees. beautiful. saturday afternoon, man it was raining. michelle: it changed. steve: it did. we gave everyone advanced warning on thursday and friday of last week. we had a strong cold front on the way. it sounded southern maryland. jonathan: didn't it, though? steve: it was crazy out there. now another strong cold front for the middle of the week wednesday afternoon to the erg hours. keep you updated on that. look at the temperatures. in the 50's. 55 at reagan national airport. cooler off tow
4:52 pm
and west of us. hagerstown in the upper 40's. a lot of the rain you see on stormwatch7 doppler radar at this time really not hitting ground. the air is so dry. it is dry around the capital beltway for the rush hour commute. at least for right now. as you head through the overnight, lows 38 to 46 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. can't run an isolated shower -- can't rule out an isolated shower or two but it won't amount to much. winds from the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow is a mild day. the last day of february. upper 60's to around 70 degrees. added clouds. later in the afternoon. then the cold front in the afternoon. we are watching that through the day tomorrow. into the day on wednesday. the best likelihood for the storms will come between 3:00 and 11:00 wednesday afternoon and in the everything hours. likely gusty winds and heavy downpours. once the front moves on out of here, we will look for a push of colder air for the day o
4:53 pm
thursday, friday and then in the first half of the upcoming weekend. here is a look at the ten-day outlook from stormwatch7. calling for highs around 68 degrees. upper 70's on wednesday. there are the showers, the thunderstorms, some may be severe. always a great time to download the stormwatch7 weather app ahead of the big storms. thursday, a lot cooler. only in the middle 50's. we are in the middle 40's by friday. upper 40's to 50 on saturday. near 6 o on sunday. looking ahead to next week, lower 60's on monday. lower 50's on tuesday. below average readings toward the end of next week. but still, no snow in sight. keep a watchful eye wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening. we will keep you updated on abc7. jonathan: thanks. the "good morning washington" crew already at work. here is autria godfrey with a preview. autria: thanks, jonathan. tomorrow on "good morning washington," mold in your washing machin
4:54 pm
laundry. >> there is mold growing growiny washing machine. >> the solution you may already have in your laundry room. >> reduce eye wrinkles without botox using the easy at-home remedies. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning
4:55 pm
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access to an excluseive dog park in d.c. dog owners are paying $300 a year after a $75 fee to get on the waiting list that is two years long. but this is not the typical dog park as mike carter-conneen reports. mike: inside d.c. congressional cemetery, all dogs are in heaven. amongst the graves of the historical figures they are able to run and roam leash-free. >> fully fenced. which is lovely. >> the kit program launched in the 1970's. members adopted plots. member contributions covered renovations. but now it's possible and it has 600 members and 770 dogs with the waiting list to 500. >> we got a new puppy a few months ago. she has so much energy. mike: john collins will have to use $10 day passes for a couple of years but
4:58 pm
happy he applied for annual pass a few days ago before the "washington post" reported on the popularity. >> when you see a restaurant review a week after you ate there, you feel good about it. mike: they host all sort of social events. halloween strolls, summer movie nights and a 5k. >> human and dog socialization. mike: it might seem slightly odd but the cemetery said it has resulted in romance, relationships and even marriages with a few weddings held on site at the cemetery chapel. >> the dogs play together. it's like daycare. they play together and you meet the other parents. mike: most are attracted to and appreciate congressional because it's an active community-oriented cemetery. they don't appreciate droppings left behind by less attentive dog owners but if it means the cemetery is funded in the future they don't seem to mind picking up or overlooking the occasional mess. in southeast washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news.
4:59 pm
again. another wave of threats targeting jewish communities and two local schools are on the list. parking enforcement, on the prowl. during morning dropoff. angry parents with nowhere to park sound off. and the envelope, please. >> no, there is a mistake. larry: the backstage mixup that caused oscar's biggest embarrassment ever. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: a week after 11 centers were threatened more were threatened today and that brings the total number this year to 69. today's threats were in 11 states including maryland and virginia. in the last ten minutes we learned about another threat in annapolis. stephen tschida is live in rockville right now with the latest on the developing story. >> we have confirmed another phone call, another threat. a third one. we spoke to a number of people today including parents i
5:00 pm
even though the threats apparently are pranks, they are still troubling. frightening. two threats within minutes. shortly after 9:00, gesher jewish day school in fairfax got a bomb threat. moments later, charles e. smith jewish day school, middle and high school, the upper school they call it, got a similar phone call. >> it wasn't a live call. the receptionist at the upper school tried to speak to the person and it was a recording. >> the threats in fairfax in rockville are similar to others in recent days across the country. just today a slew of threats at jewish community centers and schools in a dozen states. gesher and fairfax evacuated, charles e. smith allowed students to remain in class while police checked out the situation. they already had beefed up security. this is in response to religiously motivated attacks around the world in recent years. >> that is terrible. it's anxiety p


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